We're chili heads.

The hotter the better in our book.

We put hot sauce on everything. Add spicy peppers to every dish. Seek out the spiciest of snacks.

But we've been disappointed in the past. A lot of snacks we found weren't that spicy, or if we did luck out it was hard to come by. We decided that in order to get our fix we had to make our own snack.

We start by popping popcorn in a chili infused peanut oil of our making blending herbs and a mix of chilies, putting the spice in the kernel itself not just on top. We then add our unique and bold flavors. Be warned, when we say spicy we mean it! Our least hottest chili rates between 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville Scale.

We have a popcorn so hot you would start to question why you were still eating it. We wanted something that will make you sweat, reach for a beer, then go back for more. If you're a chilihead, you've come to the right place.